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Here are a few pool rules for your safety!

Pool Regulations

    One may not enter the pool when the lifeguard is not present. Bathers are limited to 90 people.People with inflamed eyes, nasal or ear discharges, or evident skin or body infections are excluded from the pool. Only bathing suits are to be worn in the pool. Cut-offs, leotards and t-shirts are not permitted. All must wear a bathing cap while swimming. Swimming aids may be used only with the lifeguard’s permission. No street shoes are allowed in the pool area. No band-aids, glass objects, safety pins or eyeglasses are permitted.  Children in 4th grade and younger must be accompanied by an adult. The adult must be in the water with the child. No eating, drinking or chewing gum in the pool area. No running or pushing allowed at the pool side. Diving and jumping is not permitted. The lifeguard has the right to exclude anyone from the pool who behaves uncooperatively. One must shower before entering the pool. The lifeguard has the right to limit any supplies, such as flippers. Handicapped lift is available for those in need.

Lap Lane Rules

    One must be capable of swimming three continuous laps. Lap swimmers must stay to the right at all times.  No standing , stopping, talking or dangling legs in the lap lane.
    No diving is allowed in the lap lane. Lifeguard will monitor the number of swimmers if necessary. Eyeglasses and safety glasses are not permitted in the lane.
    The rules are for your safety and those around you.  

Steam room and sauna regulations

Must be 18 years of age or over.  Use is limited to 15 minutes when needed.  Please shower before use.  No eating, drinking, shaving or drying wet clothes.  People with heart conditions, diabetes or hypertension show not use the steam room or sauna without permission of a physician.  No changing or wringing out clothes in either facility.  Throwing water on steam thermostat is prohibited.  Users must sit on a towel in both facilities.