Greetings Preschool Families! 

The children are having a wonderful time in school and they are learning and enjoying all the activities and projects that the teachers have prepared for them.  Here are some of the things that the children are doing: 

Ms. Gatto & Mrs. Eisenstadt’s two year olds are learning all about Winter.  We talked about hibernation, how we dress for winter, and the different kinds of weather.   The color that we are working on is “orange” and our new shape is “circle”.  Looking ahead, we will be working on a unit called ALL ABOUT ME!  The children will learn about themselves and how much they’ve grown and changed since they were babies. There will be a project which is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face, and we will be starting to work on name recognition. We are looking forward to a very fun CRAZY HAT DAY on February 26th.  Start preparing your favorite head gear for a fun day at school.   In March we will be busy starting our unit on Community Helpers.  We will also be doing a lot of work getting ready for Purim.  This will be a very fun day of parties and costumes in our school. Begin thinking about what you will wear to our costume parade!

Mrs. Nefoussi & Ms. Marley’s three year olds have been really enjoying the Winter.  We haven’t had a snowy winter (so far), but when it did snow we brought some into the classroom and played with it at the water table.  We are lucky that we can go to the gymnasium when the weather isn’t nice enough for the play yard.  We have been discussing how people and animals prepare for winter and we learned about hibernation.  We also spoke about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and his dream for a better way to get along.  We made a snowman bulletin board. Our color for the month is purple.  In February we will be planting and learning about Tu B’Shvat (Arbor Day) and we will be working on our unit All About Me.  We will have a bulletin board entitled “You’ve Come A Long Way Baby”.  We know you will love it!  Please visit it and admire the children’s work!  The children will discuss what it was like to be a baby as compared to how big they are now, and they will draw life-size self-portraits.  Looking ahead we will be learning about Community Helpers and we will be preparing for Purim!   Costumes, groggers and hamentashen!!!  Exciting times in preschool!

Mrs. Krakowski, Mrs. Rozenberg, Ms. Dulka & Ms. Pura’s  Pre Kindergarten for All (PKA) classes have been BUSY!!!   Our first trip will be on February 8th and we will be going to Kingsborough Community College to see a show!  The name of the show is Twinkle Tames A Dragon, and we are VERY excited about it!  In February we will also learn about President’s Day and we will talk about where the President lives.  In keeping with our thematic approach to curriculum, the dramatic play area will soon be converted into a doctor’s office.  We will combine this experience with our unit on “Bears”.  After a routine examination the “doctors” and “nurses” will take good care of their “sick” bears and dolls and attend to any injuries.  In science the children will study the different types of bears and we will also conduct experiments and record observations using gummy bears!   In developing their prereading skills we will read the stories of Frank Asch’s Moonbear series. In math we will sort, count and make patterns using small plastic bears.  Finally, in phonics, the children will practice the letter B by finding words that start with the b sound and making charts of B words.  Looking ahead, our next letter will be “S”.  Our next authors will be Dr. Seuss and Eric Carle. 

You can see that all the children are very busy learning many things.  I urge you to visit our website frequently and also “like” us on Facebook. 

Best regards,  Susan Kaminsky,  Director of Early Childhood Education.

REGISTRATION UPDATESREGISTRATION UPDATES…Registration for the 2017 – 2018 school year is well under way.  There are only a few spots left for children born in 2014 or 2015. If you are interested in preschool registration please get in touch with me immediately!  I can be reached by phone at 718-648-7703 ext 211 or by e-mail at   Registration for the UPK program for children born in 2013 takes place on the Dept. of Education's website.  You can call 311 for additional information about UPK registration.  

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