Looks like we’ve just about made it through another school year!!!  I visited each classroom today and I admire the children with such wonder.   Watching them “bloom” over the course of the school year is a remarkable experience...they’ve made such unbelievable strides in their learning and in their physical growth!  They are truly awesome!


We had a really fun and wonderful Spring.   Here are some of the things that we’ve been doing in each of the classes:

Our TWO YEAR OLDS are wrapping up the school year with exciting themes. They have finished a unit on the zoo and have now started the aquarium.   There is a commotion in the ocean and in the two year old room we are very excited and seem to all want to have a pet shark!!   Looking ahead we will be discussing Father's day and the farm.  For the farm unit we will be making butter as well as building and milking Mrs. Moo.  This has been an exciting year and the children have grown and learned so much.  While it is sad to end the school year it is just as exciting to look forward to a great summer in camp!!  Love, Ms. Gatto, Mrs. Eisenstadt, and Ms. Danayka


Our THREE YEAR OLDS were introduced to Spring and decorated with flowers, kites and birds.  We celebrated Mother’s Day by decorating a flower pot and adding this poem “I’ve made some Mother’s Day flowers, With my fingers and my thumb, So you’ll always have these memories, For all the years to come!”    We also visited the library and some of the children got library cards.  We learned about Shavuot and we created our own Classroom Rules (like the 10 Commandments).  We had a wonderful visit from Petland including a parrot, ferret, hedgehog, rabbit, lizard, small snake, BIG snake, and more.  The children loved it and they were able to touch all of the animals.   We are continuing to learn about zoo animals and farm animals.   We finished out Color Books and our Shape Books and proudly took them home.   Soon we will be celebrating Father’s Day and then before we know it school will be finished and day camp will start!  Exciting times!  We will miss you and we wish you good luck in Pre-K!   Love, Mrs. Nefoussi, Ms. Marley, and Ms. Eden


Our PRE-KINDERGARTEN class had a very wonderful year!   The time has flown by!   It seems like the children were just starting and now it’s almost time for graduation. The children have grown, not only in age and height, but in all the new things that they can do.   All of the children can now write their own names as well as the names of many of their classmates.  “How do you spell…?” is a question that we hear frequently during the day.  We studied many authors during the year and we recently completed a comparison of books by Leo Lionni and Eric Carle.    In math, the children made patterns, sorted objects by different attributes, perfected their counting skills and can even do simple addition and subtraction.   As they are transitioning into Kindergarten, they learned that many things change and grow.  They observed metamorphosis as they watched caterpillars turn into butterflies and seeds turn into plants.  Now they are working hard to prepare to entertain their guests at Graduation.   This is our culminating celebration of the year.   The children have worked hard, done well, and they are ready to move up to the “big” school.  We all wish them health, happiness, success and joy!  Good luck in Kindergarten.  Come back and visit us!  Love, Mrs. Krakowski, Mrs. Rozenberg, Ms. Dulka, Ms. Pura and Ms. Courtney


We are VERY excited that day camp is starting in just a few weeks.   The teachers are planning many fun, interesting and educational projects and activities for the children.  All children who are born prior to August 2013 will be experiencing instructional swim in the big pool 3 times every week!  This is an awesome and wonderful opportunity for the children to gain confidence in the water and to learn water safety and water skills.  We look forward to inviting the parents to come and watch us at the end of the program.   


Thank you all for entrusting your children to our care.  We adore them all and we are proud to watch them grow and develop.   They are amazing!

I wish you all a safe and happy summer…



Susan Kaminsky

REGISTRATION UPDATES…Registration for the 2017 – 2018 school year is almost complete.  There are only a few spots left for children born in 2014 or 2015.   The pre-k for children born in 2013 is full.    If you are interested in preschool registration please get in touch with me immediately!  I can be reached by phone at 718-648-7703 ext 211 or by e-mail at

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