Welcome to the Kings Bay Y Preschool! We have many new faces and we have many
that are returning to school after enjoying a wonderful day camp experience this past
summer. The weather really cooperated and we were able to be outside in the play yard
just about every day…splashing in the water, climbing on the equipment, blowing
bubbles, digging in the sand. We hope that if you missed the fun this year, you will be
sure to be with us next year. I am already beginning registration for summer 2018 with
some exciting “Early Bird” specials! Please contact me at 718-648- 7703 ext 211 or at for more information.

It’s hard to believe that school started only a few weeks ago and we have already
celebrated Rosh Hashanah! Shanah Tovah to you and to your entire family! The High
Holy days are a time for personal reflection and consideration. I hope you had a
meaningful experience. Rosh Hashanah also signifies a time for more many new things
for the children…new friends, new teachers, new classrooms.

Ms. Gatto and Mrs. Eisenstadt are very happy to welcome our new group of two-year olds. The
children are adjusting to school and learning many important new skills such as making friends,
taking turns, sharing toys, using eating utensils, and separating from parents.  We are mastering
these skills rapidly.   We have started talking about fall holidays and the changes in weather as
summer ends and fall begins.   The first color that we are working with is red and you will see it in
all our artwork.  We will be making red jello and red play-dough as we explore this color.
Looking ahead we will be continuing fall, red and holidays.  The children will be voting on snack
when we discuss Election Day.

Mrs. Nefoussi & Ms. Marley’s three yr olds had a terrific start!   We were happy to see old friends
and new friends.   We are starting the year by reviewing the color red.   We looked for things that
are red in our classroom. We finger painted with shaving cream colored red. We painted and
collaged. All with red red red! Soon we will be moving on to yellow. We enjoy singing simple
songs to reinforce counting up to 10. The children are also learning about the seasons as they
notice the changes that are starting to occur to the trees and to the weather. We always start each
day by discussing the present day and month. The children are practicing their social skills as
they converse and share at breakfast, lunch and snack time. We play with toys and games, we
sing and dance (a lot!), we laugh and we enjoy outdoor time on bicycles, riding vehicles, climbing
on our equipment and sliding down the big twisty slide! We are so happy that the weather has
been cooperative so far! Looking forward to October and November, we will be learning new
colors, continuing to observe the changing season, and as Election Day approaches we will be
voting on what to have for snack to reinforce the concept of ‘majority rules’ and the democratic
process. We will be doing lots of projects for Thanksgiving and Chanukah as well. We sing so
many songs, we read many books, and we do a new art project every day. Learning is so much

The Pre-K children were welcomed to school by their teachers Mrs. Krakowski, Mrs. Rozenberg,
Ms. Dulka and Ms. Pura, and they hit the ground running from the first day.  The children are
beginning to write their names, learning to count and to recognize numbers.   They are
discovering rhyming words and what an author and illustrator do.  We are going to visit our next
door neighbors, where we will sing and interact with the seniors in the nursing home. We will be
learning about the fall season.  The children will be exploring apples and pumpkins through
stories, songs, math activities and discovery activities.  The children will start learning beginning
sounds of F and P for fall and pumpkins.  Our dramatic area will become a Fall fresh fruit and
vegetable stand, where the children will have an opportunity to act as customers and cashiers at
the stand.  The children will be doing special art work to help decorate our room for the season.  
Two special days are planned for October.  We will be participating in Reading for the Record and
pajama day. 

Please check this website and this page frequently for news and events about what’s
happening at your “Y”…and “like” us on Facebook, too!